Every Creation is a work of art

This multidimensional 3D art form of art has evolved to become a personal creation by my students without failure. These pictures can be hung in their home or sent to someone special as a gift to be proud of. The classes have been taught privately, in groups of 10, or as team building exercises for businesses. The groups naturally evolved into friendships and clubs. I supply everything with the introductory classes. My pictures are on display in many galleries and businesses. Projects can be completed in 4 one and half our sessions. Everyone is a success and the results are beyond expectations. Call or enroll online in a class as they fill fast.

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Every creation is a work of art

This multidimensional 3D art from has evolved over 25 years of practice. In my classes everyone and every pictures is a success. They can hang on your walls or be a special gift for someone special.



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